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YELLOW DIAMONDS MUSIC & MEDIA- THIS IS RARE MUSIC-MEDIA-group. We have rare music, with rare or never heard of tracks byt MOST IMPORTANTLY YDMM is a platform to be used by a rare group of talented PEOPLE in the media and music arts.  A NETWORK OF ALL AGES TO CONNECT AND CONTINUE TO STRENGTHEN THE MUSIC-MEDIA INDUSTRY. 

WHAT WE DO?. SHOW CASE RARE MUSICIANS, ARTISTS, SONGWRITERS AND PRODUCERS WORK...PUBLISH MUSIC..FIGHT FOR YOUR Civil, amended, US constitutional and  COPYRIGHTS. Also we can for free give you templates of our federal filings or directions on how to file if  you feel that your rights as an artist have been violated.  

Please email ydmminc@gmail.com or give a call to Suhila Cassini PHD at 248 212 3444 to request any template or document needed for court filings to protect your self and work. Or for any questions you might have. 

A VERY WISE PROFESSOR AT BERKLEE UNIVERSITY ONCE SAID, THIS INDUSTRY IS 90 % BUSINESS AND 10 % TALENT. The talent is needed but the business is what allows you to succeed.  Obtaining credible reputation is hard work and  we hope to help you reach your career goals and to maintain stability. 



COPYRIGHTS, and LEGAL PROTECTION is available upon request. Protect yourself against anyone who violates your freedom, civil, amended Us Constitutional rights and Protection for all Universal Humans. Become informed today! Protect your work vis copyrights.gov learn about infringement of your work AND learn how to obtain redress or STATUTORY DAMAGES. Email ydmminc@gmail.com subject your interest we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours or call or text for immediate assistance 248 212 3444.

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