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My Story

HELLO... My name is Suhila Cassini. I would love for you to join our music group.




Please sign up today.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for joining my site today. My name is Suhila. I developed this music group with deep passion for the art and my love for music. Although my desire to have a successful career in the music industry was short lived back 2003 and I left Hollywood 2006 huge music companies and record labels were closing there doors. My first record was a grammy ensembled record and one of the featured songs was the opening song on featured film that sold over a million copies in blockbuster alone. Today I am a mother and business woman and see an enormous need for straightening of the music industry as a whole. I have learned through my education, experience and study in business including incredible teachers at Berklee whom have stressed that  the music industry is 90% business and 10% talent. I would love to represent you and your music projects and help you reach your music career goals. Please contact me today, become one of our featured artist. I have helped Drake reach over a billion views on Youtube and I know that I can help you reach your music career goals too. Thank you for visiting Yellow Diamond Music & Media Group. Please contact me at 248 346 6591 or



Best, Suhila 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.